The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Synopsis: The Last Romantics is an unforgettable story of four siblings – Fiona, Renee, Caroline and Joe – and their journey in this world, together and apart. What brings them together, tears them apart, and makes them question what they will do for love. This is a story of a family. A beautiful tale of love and grief, those you fight for and those you long for. A family in happiness and pain, handling life and crisis.

The year is 2079 and renowned poet, Fiona Skinner is speaking about her most famous work, The Love Poem, and how it all started in a big yellow house with a funeral and an iron poker many, many years ago.

“It is about real love, true love. Imperfect, wretched, and weak love. No fairy tales, no poetry… Because when the lights go out and we sit waiting in the dark, what do our fingers seek? Who do we reach for?”

Review: Wow. This novel brought me laughs and tears. Tara Conklin is a masterful writer who captured this world and brought me into it. I felt for this family in times of pain and I cheered for them in times of triumph. An absolutely remarkable story of four siblings and how they handle what life throws at them and how they don’t.

I found this novel to be so real and raw. A true account of a family growing together. Growing through the good and bad, the achievements and tragedies, and simply growing older and wiser.

I absolutely loved this novel and will definitely pick this up and read it again. Tara Conklin wrote a story that will stay with you and I won’t soon forget these four siblings.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Harper Collins Canada for sending me an advanced copy to read.

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