The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫/5

Synopsis: It all begins when a college girl doesn’t feel well and leaves a party. She heads back to her dorm and falls asleep. But on this late night in a small California town called Santa Lora, she doesn’t wake up. This illness soon spreads and more people are falling asleep. The novel tells the story of several individuals and families dealing with this disaster. How people handle it, what’s going on, how news spreads, how the town shuts down and tragedies happen. Specialists are called in and no one knows what is happening and where this virus came from. What they are beginning to realize though; everyone who is sleeping is dreaming. Not just normal dreams but the most active and intense dreams that doctors have ever seen.

Review:  I listened to this in an audiobook and really enjoyed it. I’ve read a few reviews about it and some people thought this to be a little boring. Maybe because I was listening, I found it more enjoyable. But I also really loved the storyline.

I also loved the characters in this book and really felt for all of them. This novel was so well-written and almost mystical that I didn’t want it to end. I heard that a few reviews compared it to Station Eleven and others thought it fell really short. But I loved it for what it was. (I also absolutely loved Station Eleven). I thought this novel really portrayed what could happen if something like this actually happened. How a town would react and shut down, how chaos would ensue, and how this sleeping disease could affect anyone.

6 thoughts on “The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

    1. I heard that too going into it but I didn’t find it hard to follow along and understand. I think the author was trying to make it very unknown and how it could affect people. So you are experiencing this sickness and then how I experience it with my family as another character having different experiences and beliefs! No one knows what’s going on but all these characters are experiencing it in some way or another and there are all these different points of view. From the really young to the really old, students, professors, doctors, and children. I absolutely loved that about it. If that makes any sense!? Haha

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