The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Synopsis: The novel is about the famous actress, Hedy Lamarr, or Hedy Keisler, before escaping to Hollywood. Hedy Keisler was a young and beautiful actress who won the heart of a powerful Austrian arms dealer. This marriage allowed this very intelligent woman to evade Nazis persecution despite being Jewish. However, over time, being married to this man was not all she thought it would be. She had to escape. She landed in Hollywood where she made connections to help her career take off. She kept a close eye as to what was happening back in Europe and felt really guilty for fleeing and not helping anyone else. But could she help anyone else? She started thinking back to her lavish lifestyle back in Austria, all of those dinner parties where she overheard very important conversations of the Third Reich.

Review: Alright guys. I loved this! I really enjoy historical fiction and I kept looking up the characters on google. So that being said, I knew I would probably love this book before I dived in. But regardless, it was a treat. Stories about this time in history tend to be difficult to read through but this story showed a whole different perspective I really enjoyed reading about.

This novel is well written and I found it hard to put down. I definitely recommend this read and have two points I also want to mention. 1- This story is a humbling reminder of the devastating tragedies people of Jewish Heritage went through. 2- I feel Hedy was quite empowering as she was someone known as beautiful first as intelligent second and it’s important to acknowledge all the women who ever stepped up to pave their way through for us.

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