The Au Pair by Emma Rous

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Synopsis: Seraphine and her twin brother Danny just lost their father and Seraphine was going through his things and found a photo of her parents holding one baby on the day they were born. But only one baby? Which one of them is it? They look so happy? This was the last photo taken of their mom before she killed herself by jumping off the cliffs behind their house. Their older brother Edwin remembers that it was the au pair, Laura, who took the photo. This sends Seraphine on a quest to find out what really happened that day.

Review: I listened to this one on audio and I think that helped me stay engaged. Whenever I started seeing this book all over the bookgram I wasn’t that interested in reading it because I don’t really enjoy typical -infidelity with the nanny- sort of books, but a lot of reviews I read implied this one is different and better. I’ll admit that the beginning had me really intrigued and I enjoyed the style of the book, past sections with Laura and present sections with Seraphine. But honestly, this isn’t a favourite for me and I didn’t find it shocking. I was more so invested to hear the end and solve the little (messed up) mystery.

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