A Circle on the Surface by Carol Bruneian

A circle on the surface by Carol Bruneau

It’s 1943 and Enman and Una are newly married but each are haunted by their pasts and are harbouring secrets. Enman brings Una to his hometown in Barrein, Nova Scotia but she is restless here and longs for the city life she once had. Una meets a mysterious man and a body is found washed up on shore. There are rumours of German sailors roaming the shores and then they hear the news they’ve been waiting to hear and everything just keeps unraveling.

Guys! This was such an interesting and unique read and I absolutely loved the history in it with the storyline taking place in NS. So cool! Carol Bruneau is a very talented writer and I was drawn into her characters. I’m so happy I had the chance to read this! It is up for an Alantic Book Award – The Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award and I have two more reviews coming at you tomorrow and Friday for the other two books up for this award.

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