American Predator by Maureen Callahan

American Predator – 4.25/5⭐️

Look at me reading the true crime!! I’m such a chicken, this one was tough to get through. It is very terrifying and this man is INSANE! His total murder count is unknown because it could be hundreds. He was a predator in the 21st century and it’s amazing he finally got caught.

I was really surprised I hadn’t heard about him but the FBI made deals to keep him out of the media as much as possible so he would divulge more information to finding potential bodies. It’s tragic and horrible and I pray so hard for these victims and their families.

This man was smart, strong, and fast. He had no real M.O. and killed is tons of various ways, men, women, children, couples, etc. He hid “kill kits” all over the US and would fly to the area, dig it up, kill, and head back home. All within a couple day period.

If you’re into true crime you should definitely read this one!

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