Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

My fiancé and I listened to this one on audiobook and it was a long one, 34 hours in fact! So it took us a few months to get through because we only listened to it on long drives together. But we finally finished it and it was good. We both enjoyed it but my fiancé enjoyed it more then I did.

Not sure if I would recommend this one on audio unless you can get through 34 hours in a reasonable time span. I felt it was too long in general though and a good 5 hours could have been cut. My fiancé thought the timeline was reasonable but agreed reading the physical book over the audio. Plus there are a lot of characters to keep track of.

On that note, the characters were well built and the story was very immersive. I absolutely loved the beginning of the book more then the ending. It was also very graphic (blood/death) at some parts and important to mention that it’s apocalyptic. A few triggers to mention: sex, rape, torture.

So the book begins with people who are now known as sleep walkers. They woke up one day and couldn’t talk, appeared unconscious just walking all in a specific direction. It doesn’t take long for the CDC to become involved as more people are found walking. They can’t be woken. They can’t be stopped.

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