The New Me by Halle Butler

The New Me by Halle Butler – 3/5⭐️

This started off pretty good for me but that’s all it really is. I sort of expected something else to happen. Or I just expected a bit more then what I got. This is a quick read, less then 200 pages, so I flew through it but it was pretty boring after awhile. At the beginning I enjoyed the brutal honest voice of Millie but after awhile I was feeling more sad about the story then anything. Millie is stuck in life, working temp job after temp job. Her days are all the same and she feels empty and unfulfilled. She’s constantly searching for more and she wavers between trying to get it or not at all.

We all have this inner voice and we are hearing Millies. We definitely see it all, the good, bad, and really bad. It’s interesting to see how people perceive her or react to her.

This felt like a character study for me? I didn’t not enjoy it, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless someone was looking to read something like this. It’s a pretty brutal honest look at life and what some millennials have to go through in life to pay the bills, survive, and find meaning.

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