Endless Night by Agatha Christie

Endless Night by Agatha Christie – 3/5⭐️

I love me some Christie novels! This one was very different then the few that I’ve read though! Not her typical murder mystery and more eerie and magical, still with a murder of course!

Michael and Ellie get married and build their dream house in Gypsy’s Acre. Not is all as it seems though and there are rumours of a curse on anyone who lives on the old property. If that isn’t bad enough, a Gypsy is seen in the area threatening the newlyweds.

This one is a slow burn at the beginning and Christie builds up the characters and their stories. They both come from entirely different backgrounds and there are some interesting side characters. The second half was much better in my opinion and I was very intrigued as to what was happening, and honestly didn’t see the ending coming.

This is a short book. 190 pages, so a pretty quick read! It wouldn’t be my first Agatha Christie recommendation to someone but I’m excited to continue to read through her entire works!

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