The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory – 4/5⭐️

I finished this one a couple weeks ago & I’m a little late on my review, but it’s cute!!

I love this series. It starts with The Wedding Date, next is The Proposal, this book is the third, then we have The Royal Holiday in fourth, and a fifth one comes out June 23rd called Party of Two! They are all stand alone books but all the characters are friends or related to each other somehow. So you get to hear little snippets about them all throughout each book and I really love that!

I didn’t quite read them in order as this is the last one I have to read until the new one comes out. But I do recommend reading them in order if you pick up the series!

Fun fact: I was reading The Proposal when my fiancé proposed to me!!! So that was extra special and fun! I think The Wedding Date is my favourite of the series but I really enjoyed them all.

This one is super cute and easy to read. It’s light and fun and I enjoy the banter in the book as well as following along with their lives, and Alexa’s wedding!

Maddie & Theo are the main characters and they are both Alexa’s best friends and in her bridal party. The synopsis I find is slightly deceiving because it says they hate each other and toss sharp comments at each other. When I read that I expected more like The Hating Game vibes and it wasn’t like that at all. They have a regrettable moment and it doesn’t stop. They make it complicated and throw in rules – one of which is to not fall in love.

Overall it’s a great book and a great series!

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