Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters


Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters – 3/5⭐️

I listened to this on audio & it was cute, but I wasn’t drawn in. It does have a unique plot which I found refreshing but overall I found it fairly predictable.

Evie is the main character of this one & she’s aspiring to be an agent for movie writers. Currently, she is working with who the world thinks is the newest hottest writer to hit Hollywood. He’s been hired to write a rom com hit but he’s suffering from writers block, and somehow Evie is on a mission to help him. Evie has to prove two people can still fall in love through random meet cutes! And in true meet cute fashion, it is mainly one humiliating scenario after another!

So like I mentioned before, the plot is super cute and different. I enjoyed the characters and banter, but overall not a top rom com for me!

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